Custom orders placed January 2024, onwards will have a lead time of 4-6 weeks.




Big Concrete Guy Ltd. (BCG) products are of a rustic and organic nature. Surface details may vary from imagery and online photos. The nature, design and features of the goods are handmade, therefore minor variations may occur from piece to piece. Such variations are not considered defects under this warranty.

Non-warrantable conditions apply to the following:

1.1 Defects or damage resulting from negligence, abuse, or misuse, including (but not limited to) inadequate or improper maintenance, exposure to water, direct sunlight (indoor furniture), salt air, chemicals, accidents, any use for which the product was not designed. 

1.2 Failure to follow the Product Care Instructions or specifications. 

1.3 Damage from moving from original delivery location due to improper packaging and/or transportation. 

1.4 Indoor furniture damaged from exposure to extreme conditions including, but not limited to, acids, solvents, dyes, or other corrosive materials, ink, paint, moisture of any kind, improper cleaning techniques, or proximity to extreme heat and/or intense sunlight.

1.5 Exterior furniture damaged by exposure to all conditions above EXCLUDING ambient weather conditions.

1.6 Exterior furniture damaged by unstable or irregular site conditions.

1.7 Alteration of product undertaken by contractor, or third party not approved in writing by BCG.


Manufacturer’s Warranties

The following warranties apply to relevant goods purchased from BCG unless specified otherwise in product description.

2.1 Manufacture defect replacement/repair guarantee. All BCG products affected by manufacturing irregularities will be repaired or replaced by BCG. This does not apply to non-warrantable conditions (see disclaimer above).

2.2 Conditional manufacturer warranties. See content table and glossary of terms below.

Commercial Use Furniture: products for business, commercial, industrial, hospitality or any non-residential purpose or use.

Furniture: products for personal, domestic, or household use excluding Commercial Use Furniture.

Second Stock: products previously positioned as display model or floor stock; items sold at reduced price.

Structural Warranty: warranty relating only to the frame or internal structure of a product (and excludes any surface, decoration, fabric, cracks, or finish of a product).


    Type of Warranty Period of warranty  Further information
    Structural Warranty for Furniture

    1 year for Furniture/Second Stock

    Exclusions in paragraph 1.3 above apply.

    Structural Warranty for outdoor Furniture 3 years for Furniture/Second Stock) Applies where item is specifically stated to be outdoor furniture.
    Exclusions in paragraph 1.3 above apply.
    Structural Warranty for Commercial Use Furniture
    3 years
    Only certain items within the Big Concrete Guy Ltd range are suitable for commercial use. For this warranty to be valid, a document must state that this Commercial Use Furniture warranty applies.


    Claimant protocols for any of the above warranties:

    (i) If a defect or imperfection appears on product within the warranty period specified above, stop using the item immediately and report claim before the warranty period expires:

    (ii) Contact BCG via email with proof of purchase, a detailed description of the defect and circumstances under which the defect appeared. Please add all other relevant information including photographic evidence.

    (iii) BCG will assess the issue and communicate warranty assessment within seven days. All products under warranty will be replaced or repaired to customer satisfaction within a reasonable timeframe.

    (iv) Third party warranty arrangements are not applicable.