Orders placed prior to February 4th, 2023 will have a lead time 5-6 weeks. Orders placed February 17th, 2023 onwards will have a lead time of 4 weeks.


Colour: White

Width & Depth: 40"x40"

Height: 14"


We call it the “tape it out method”. A measuring tape is helpful, but using green painters tape to map out the desired size will help you to visualize what will suit your space. The last thing we want is for you to regret not being thorough with your measurements.

40"x40" table approx. 100 lbs

48"x48" table approx. 130 lbs

60"x60" table approx. 160 lbs

Due to the current volume of orders, new orders placed will be ready for a mid October delivery.

Concrete traces its origin back to ancient civilizations. Although separated by centuries the desire to furnish our homes is still driven by the placement of beautiful objects in our midst. At Big Concrete Guy we believe that design should be filled with wonder and excitement. Let us provide the foundation for your creative energies with our modern, elegant, and superbly designed concrete tables. Our tables are uniquely crafted to your specifications. Every groove, trowel mark and individual variation is the product of many hours of artisanal handcrafting. Each piece is the beginning of your story and the record of your history in the personalized beauty of your home.


  • Handcrafted, modern and elegant concrete designs.

  • Glass fiber reinforced Portland based cement.

  • Triple sealed finish to protect against general wear and tear.

  • Protective felt pads adhered to the base.

  • Comparable weight to most modern furniture. Easily moved by two people.

  • This table has been coined our “baby proof” style as it has no sharp corners and is both kid friendly and elegant in design.