Custom orders placed January 2024, onwards will have a lead time of 4-6 weeks.

Elevate your space with our stunning concrete decor.

A perfect blend of form and function, this bowl adds a stylish touch to any home. Embrace minimalistic elegance as this versatile piece adds a touch of modern sophistication to your surroundings. 

These pieces are made for decorative purposes only and therefore not food safe/ not designed to contain liquids. These bowls are handmade therefore the variation in colour and texture may differ from photos.

This is a pre-order item and will be shipped on December 10,2023


  • Handcrafted, modern and elegant concrete designs.

  • Glass fiber reinforced Portland based cement.

  • Triple sealed finish to protect against general wear and tear.

  • Protective felt pads adhered to the base.

  • Intended for decorative purposes. This product is not designed to contain food or liquids.